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Art Nouveau classic.
December 2010
(the original can be found here)



What is Vincent doing on Valentine's Day?
February 2010


Not really new: the cover photoshooting for "Faith" with Tseng and Aerith.




And another "Sink"-inspired picture. Vincent and Yuffie going shopping. And again, Yuffie in a skirt...
October 2008


The agony of having emotions.
Some more "Sink"-inspired pictures.
October 2007


A touch of Art Nouveau.
April 2007


Shinra on the Beach Part II
The sex-appeal of power.
April 2007




The so-called "unfinished Vincent" in an intermediate state between dead and goth.
December 2006


Shinra on the Beach Part I
October 2006


"If she put on a skirt, she looked like, well... Yuffie in a skirt." ("Sink" chapter 12)
Here's Yuffie in a skirt. Twice.
June 2006, October 2006


Tseng and Aerith forever.
May 2006


"Hey Cid, let's go back to our rooms!" </Vincent>
Another myth of what happened upstairs in their room(s)...
April 2006


Four studies.
April 2006



These ones were inspired by scenes from Catalina's
"Sink to the Bottom With You".
December 2005, January 2006


More Cloud vs. Sephiroth.
December 2005




Cloud vs. Sephiroth.
December 2005


December 2005


Ever dreamt of Sephiroth? I did once.
December 2005


This first one was done very spontaneously.
It might be Aerith.
December 2005


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